Our team of chartered certified accountants at Accounts Unlocked are specialists in preparing accounts for FX, stocks and shares and crypto currency traders.

We have a number of clients who day trade FX, stocks and shares and crypto currency, meaning we’re well versed in the complexities and specific requirements of preparing accounts for traders. Our experience enables us to keep the administrative burden on you to an absolute minimum, whilst also making the structure easy for you to understand and use.

Knowing exactly what your approaching tax liabilities are at any point is crucial. A key part of our service is to keep you regularly updated of your upcoming tax bill, so you know exactly what you can spend and what you need to save at any stage. The dreaded tax bill need never be the great unknown again.

Just as important is finding ways of minimising your tax bill by implementing various tax planning techniques where possible that suit your circumstances. For financial traders, this includes what structure to adopt – Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Company – and which one is the best structure for your trading activities, based on how much you expect to earn:

  • Each of the above options has their own advantages and disadvantages for financial traders. However, by arranging your trading activities separately from any investment activities, you can minimise your risk whilst retaining excellent tax planning advantages. Such a structure could allow you the following advantages compared to any single other option shown above:
  • Limit your liability to any trading losses (subject to any personal guarantees that your trading house may impose)
  • Arrange your investments separately to minimise any tax on monies used for investment purposes
  • Enable you to invest profits in a virtually unlimited range of investments in a straight-forward manner
  • Separate your other investments from your trading activities so that they are also safe from any adverse volatility in the markets (subject to any personal guarantees required).

If you’d like to find out more about our accountancy services for FX, stocks and shares and crypto currency traders, and discuss the best potential structure for your particular circumstances, get in touch today.

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