Accounts Unlocked then…

Accounts Unlocked was started in 2003 by Don Murrell, Rose Murrell, and Rebecca Moye. They began with an office in Ashford and a handful of clients. With their experience of accounting practices, expertise in tax mitigation and excellent customer service they generated an impressive referral rate, and their client list grew in both strength and numbers.

In 2014, Accounts Unlocked purchased the accounting firm, Nicolaou Dearle & Co. Scaling Accounts Unlocked to over 1,000 clients, overseen by a strong team of 20 members of staff and three Partners, they then opened up a larger office to house the team in Ashford.

In 2021, Accounts Unlocked moved to new premises in the Autumn of 2021, from Repton Manor to the brand new Bizspace building in Ashford. 

And now…

In 2023, Accounts Unlocked are celebrating their 20 year anniversary! As part of an international network of accounting excellence, the team now look after 1,600 clients.


Our practice ethos is to develop long-term relationships with all our clients, so you can treat us as part of your business – the people you turn to whenever you have a business or financial question; an essential part of your business team.

We want to help you with your future planning too – how to increase the amount you earn from the business with minimum tax impact and how you can build whilst protecting your wealth over the years.

For any help please send your request or call us

Contact Us

Office 43, The Cobalt Building
1600 Eureka Park
Lower Pemberton, Ashford
TN25 4BF

01233 627339


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